Horn Comb

Horn Comb by James Crawley


Horn combs are the analgesic for head and hair. They keep up all normal, without synthetic concoctions, by engrossing overabundance fat of the scalp also, offering this to the dry hair, particularly to the hair closes With longer hair, you can begin with detangling by utilizing a wide tooth brush, and afterward going on by utilizing a fine tooth brush.

Our elegant dress comb is made of ethically sourced cow horns which handled with the correct care can last a lifetime. No two pieces of horn ever have the same colouration making this piece unique and individual to you.



Combing beard with horn comb becomes important when you wish to grow it longer. Combing your beard with a horn comb clears up your facial hair which is good for your facial hygiene when having a long beard. Combining your beard styles and helps when you wish to groom your beard with a scissor. Depending upon the thickness and length of the beard, you can choose your comb.

When you apply beard balm or beard oil and then comb your beard, you shape and style your beard. Applying beard balm, oil and combing regularly also straighten, clean, and remove dirt from your hair. Horn comb keeps you looking more young and handsome with its uniqueness. Beard that makes you trendy and Horn comb that helps you to become trendy.

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Horn comb

  • Similar to plastic combs, Horn combs do not attract towards electric charges..

  • Horn combs are made up of horns and not with plastic, so these combs clean all the dirt from your beard. The Horn comb doesn't weaken your hair..

  • Combing your hair with a horn comb makes hair shinier.

  • Hair comb makes your hair healthier by keeping them less greasy and less dehydrated..

  • Manufacturing Horn combs are good for our environment because horn combs are biodegradable and easily recyclable.

Horn Comb

Hand-crafted "Horn Combs"

Horn Comb

Having beard is considered a symbol of being man and handsome these days. Attraction towards beard is obvious because beard plays an important role in your personality. The time when boys step into young age, starts paying attention to their beard growth. Buy Shirt Collar Stiffeners Boys in young age believe keeping a long beard makes them men. Our handcrafted Horn combs are uniquely designed and made up from high-quality processing.

Benefits of "Horn Comb" for Hair

Adopting the horn comb for your hair will significantly improve your hair by making it look clean, stylish, dirt-free, thicker healthier, shinier, straighten, less itchy, and longer than ever. you can find many options for combs in the market such as wooden combs including brass, titanium alloy, acrylic, sterling silver and exotic wood, steel combs, plastic combs, nit combs, and afro pick, etc. Horn combs are the best combs you will find for your hair because horn combs are made to take care of your scalp, to animate the scalp's vessels, and to build blood circulation of your head. This will also make your hair extraordinary, boost hair development and stop baldness, neurasthenia, and cerebral pains.


Things You Must Know About Horn Comb


Horn combs work as a balm for head and hair. They preserve all-natural, without chemical compounds, by soaking up extra fats of the scalp and giving this to the dry hair, especially to the hair ends. Whether one has a tendency greater to dry or oily hair, the horn comb equalizes, if used each day, the herbal fats content and creates a wholesome, glamorous hair. Similarly, the horn comb prevents, through its antistatic feature, the hair from being electrostatically charged by means of combing.


Horn combs are each mild at the scalp and to the hair. With longer hair, you could start with detangling by way of the use of a huge enamel comb, and then occurring with the aid of the usage of an exceptional enamel comb. If additional combing steps are important, on the way to flawlessly combed hair, it depends on the person's hair texture.

The texture of the "Horn Comb" and human hair, is the same as both keep long-chain protein. Horn brushes are loaded with characteristics like amino acids and keratin. Avoid using the plastic brushes, these brushes might be cheap in price but will convey you only damage to your hair and scalp.

"Horn Comb": As soon as he walks in a room, all eyes are on him! Amongst all the dapper lads, he’s the one who gets noticed for his effortless style. James Crawley the "Exclusive Men's fashion" store.

Horn combs are not easily accessible at present. Combs made of plastic, elastic, or some counterfeit material can be found easily everywhere. What's more, since Horn Combs is so uncommon now, little is recalled about the fact that they are so acceptable to utilize and that they are so pleasant to our hair and scalp. They retain oils, don't create electricity produced via friction, and are a lot simpler to utilize, even on tangled hair.

We have brought a firm in France that despite everything makes a one-piece comb of normal horn completely by hand, utilizing 36 individual advances - squeezing, sewing, cutting, and serious hand cleaning. The outcome is a brush that is adjusted and smooth.

Evidence of the utilization of normal horn lies in the way that each brush has an exceptionally slight long way to bend. Since this is a characteristic material, noteworthy varieties in grain and shading and size ought not out of the ordinary. Get a lot of every one of the five for yourself, companions, or family. See beneath for sizes. Made In France. Know how to keep your shirt tucked in.   The Mustache and Small Beard Combs are additionally accessible with Safety Mustache Trimming Scissors as the Master Grooming Set.

Why buy from James Crawley?

History of "Horn Comb"​

Best Cow Horn Comb Collection

Hey, Here at James Crawley Exclusive men's fashion store we provide the best men's exclusive fashion products. You can but here our men's horn comb for beard and men's hair. Our horn comb are also designed for women. these horn combs are the best designed in the market of Bulgaria. Horn comb Bulgaria james crawley horn comb best horn comb at james crawley.

In the era of King Le Trung Tong from 1549 to 1556, the very first handcrafted product from the horn of a wild animal made was comb, after that two brothers of Tran Dac's grandson learned the art, they decided to teach village people of North Vietnam.


At first, the comb had a square shape, trailed by a bent shape like grapefruit.


The primary material was additionally grapefruit wood, after that, they changed to bison horn, a comb made with wild animal's horn isn't just wonderful yet in addition solid. What's more, bison horn material doesn't make electricity to the hair, in this way securing your hair superior to a plastic brush and lessen fall crack.


For making a comb of horns, an artisan expert must perform a 30 stage minimum, from the acquisition of horn to cut into pipes, squeezed, formed, etc. at that point to make brush teeth, rub, clean. Each stage requires the skilled worker to be sharp, tolerant focusing on each detail.


It's harder to take a shot at horn material on the grounds that "everyone is different" and the skilled artisan must be adaptable with each horn piece. The estimation of every item produced using the horn is cheap in the horn material, which is costly in the skilled artisan's work.

Regardless of whether you have beard people around you, the James Crawley in your life will give it the beautiful look and feel it merits with its horn comb.


It tends to be said that in the times of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s of the twentieth century, Vietnam horn looks over have become a most loved ware for some places, a key thing for the vast majority in the northern areas, until some other time, horn brushes have been brought to the world, numerous nations in Asia, Europe, and America with various plans, high caliber and remarkable excellence of wild animal's horn material.

Horn comb use is not just good for the health of hair but also eco-friendly normal materials. Shampoo and conditioner are not enough to keep whiskers, beard, and hair healthier and happier.


Shampoos are used to clean your beard and nourish them after the beard oils that kept them healthy, soft, and moisturized. We learned rapidly that head hair and beard are two altogether differently made up, and the items to tame them, are totally different also.


When using the beard comb from James Crawley, it didn't take in excess of a couple of seconds to really feel great. James Crawley is working to serve you the best comb for great hair care. Regardless of whether you have beard people around you, the James Crawley in your life will give it the beautiful look and feel it merits with its comb of horn.

Why should you use a horn comb ?

The end of static electricity
Unlike plastic combs, the "Horn Comb" does not trap electric charges. The air around you in contact with your hair produces static electricity all day long. Combing your hair with a "Horn Comb" helps balance the hair's electrical charge.


Some movie studios use combs of horns because the result is impeccable. Some people find that this property even helps to remove stress.


The comb glides better through the hair
The horn has the same molecular nature as hair. It does not cling to its surface (unlike plastic) and facilitates untangling. The "Horn Comb" glides through the hair, without weakening it.

Essential cleaning

You'll need to extricate things up on your facial hair brush – ie., dispose of any development as hair, dead skin, soil, and residue. To do this, arm yourself with either a q-tip or search through and stand a refuse can.

Holding the whiskers brush with the fibers confronting descending, run your q-tip or go over the fiber clusters. (If you have our Zeus Military Brush, utilize the included Metal Brush Cleaner to help with this progression.)

Profound cleaning

To expel any sleek buildup from your facial hair, whiskers oils, or facial hair emollients, hold the handle of the brush and run warm water over the fibers. Be mindful so as NOT to absorb the wooden piece of the brush water. 

Work bar cleanser or an essential cleanser into the fibers utilizing an old toothbrush. At that point lower the brush in water while utilizing your fingers to help expel each and every piece of cleanser and development. 

Wash off with warm water, shake the brush multiple times to get the water out, and place the brush on a towel with the fibers looking down. Let it dry for the time being. 

Profound clean you brush about once every couple of weeks, or as regularly as essential.

Hair is shinier 

A horn brush smoothes the hair and shuts its scales. A brush or brush made of plastic would assault the hair, tear its small scale particles, and crush the fingernail skin. 

With a horn brush, the fingernail skin is flawless and mirrors the light. The hair is shinier. 

Hair is more beneficial 

The keratin of the brush assists with shutting the fingernail skin scales. The hair scales, when shut, are progressively impervious to outside animosities from contamination, physical attacks identified with daylight, climate, temperature or mugginess. 

Hair is less oily, and less dried out.

What are horn combs made of?

Most brushes are either made of plastic, elastic or some fake material. What's more, since Horn Combs are so uncommon now, little is recollected about the fact that they are so acceptable to utilize and that they are so pleasant to our hair and scalp. They ingest oils, don't deliver electricity produced via friction and are a lot simpler to utilize, even on tangled hair.

Are horn combs good for your hair?

Horn COMBS are useful for shedding dandruff, flotsam and jetsam and dead cells. Horn COMBS are extraordinary for scalp incitement, and helps the course of the blood, transmitting nourishment to your hair and making the muscles and joints unwind. Therefore in a manner it can mitigate pressure and cerebral pains by rubbing your head.


What comb is best for hair?

The best and most hair-accommodating approach to detangle wet or dry hair is with a wide-tooth brush. Also, a wooden wide-tooth brush like the Breezelike sandalwood hair brush, which is made of 100 percent regular green sandalwood, stands apart from the group since it floats delicately through your hair without obstacles.

How do you care for a horn comb?

To keep your horn brush clean, just wash it with water and let it dry on a material. Be mindful so as NOT to lower a horn brush and let it sit in the water for a really long time. This will twist the shape and make the brush fragile. When in doubt, keep your horn brush away from wet surfaces.

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