The Story Of Seeking Perfection

James Crawley exuded the sort of class and style that most can only dream of. When the going got so tough that others would wilt and fade into the background, James stayed strong and always looked unruffled. The timeless essence of his charming smile, exquisite suits and firm handshake lingers on and can help us to make the impossible seem possible.

How did he become so incredibly self-assured and elegant? Was it a natural gift or did he possess a secret that we can all benefit from?

It has often been suggested that he came from a humble background and that he rose to the top through sheer dedication, hard work and creativity. Search as hard as you like but you won’t find any Wikipedia entries to back this up or deny it.

Perhaps his sense of style and his powerful self-confidence came from his successful business career. There is very little in the public domain about his past, of course. Rumours of James dazzling in business meetings and glamorous social functions all over the planet help to add to his mystery.

You won’t have ever seen pictures of this secretive fellow in the tabloids though, as he valued his privacy too highly for that. James was the man who always managed to nimbly step out of the photographer’s focus at the last second. You wouldn’t recognise his face if you saw him, but you would know that you were faced with someone special.

His career after an enigmatic period of globe-trotting was defined by unyielding creativity and a powerful instinct for making good decisions. People who knew him envied his ability to get to the heart of any matter and find an ingeniously clever solution, no matter how complex the problem. His favourite quote was said to be, “perfection is in the details”.

James was known for his incredible attention to detail and a never-ending search for perfection. He never settled for second best in any aspect of his life and inspired others to always aim for the stars too. This quest for only the best in everything that he touched helps to explain why he always looked so utterly focussed and intense.

We may never understand the true source of James Crawley’s confidence and impeccably good taste. However, we can still be inspired by his style. An exclusive men's fashion brand using the name of this gentleman with an unrelenting drive for perfection is a richly deserved reminder of his legacy. Now every gentleman who strives to look fantastic can capture the spirit of the man that truly knew how to turn heads.

Find out how following in the footsteps of James Crawley can help you perfect your style.


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